I thought the weekend offered a wonderful balance of different varieties of yoga. I enjoyed my first
experience with Yin and Yoga Nidra.
The yoga was great. I was gently pushed in a delightful way, and it felt fantastic.
The schedule was perfect. The retreat had a lot to offer but I liked how free I felt to do what I wanted, and was not judged when I wanted to rest.
The facilities and grounds were absolutely beautiful! I liked how the cabin was separate and I enjoyed the walk in between. We were in our own oasis.
The vegan menu for the weekend was fantastic and nurturing. I enjoyed the fresh pressed juices in the morning and the snacks between meals.
The proximity to Cleveland and the weekend format made this retreat doable for people with busy lives.
This weekend was special because of the love and acceptance I felt. The facilitators made me feel
comfortable and at home. I loved having my own room and space to heal.
I felt such a strong connection with all of the women who are so passionate, open-minded & inspiring. It was a perfect venue to bring these amazing people and teachers together.
At the close of this retreat I felt refreshed, clear and hopeful. I was in tears and full of gratitude at our closing workshop.
At the end of the weekend I felt ready to let all of the rubbish go. I felt grateful, lucky, happy, relaxed and ready for anything. Thank you ladies!
The theme, the grounds and the people were fantastic at this retreat. The personal touches made it a first-class experience.